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Pool Policies and Regulations

Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool. Proper attire is subject to lifeguard’s discretion. Bathing Suits only. No athletic shorts or cotton t-shirts. Rash guards are allowed only if properly fitted.

1. Non-disposable swimming diapers are required for all children who are not potty trained.
2. All patrons need to check into the facility prior to entering the pool. Pool schedule is subject to change. All patrons must be out of the building no later than 15 minutes after closing.
3. Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied in the building by a parent or adult at least 18 years of age. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the water by an adult at all times. No exceptions.
4. Per public health code, all persons must shower before entering the pool. Any person known or suspected of having a communicable disease shall not use the pool. Spitting, urinating, or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
5. The pool is not to be used unless there is a lifeguard on duty.
6. Please be aware that management reserves the right to close a pool at any time for weather-related concerns, thunder or lightning, fecal incidents, vomit in the pool or any chemistry-related issues, etc.
7. Breath-holding games or similar activities are prohibited.
8. Use of flotation equipment is limited to supervised classes and adults. Children will not be allowed to use flotation belts, face masks, snorkels, fins, water wings, inflatables, beach balls, kickboards, noodles, goggles with nose pieces, life jackets, and other equipment during open swim sessions. Pull buoys, kick boards, and class equipment may be used for lap swimming with permission of the lifeguard on duty.
9. Any activity that may endanger patron safety or the facility including running, “horseplay”, hanging on the lane lines, ladders or stairs, or improper use of equipment, is not allowed. Threatening, harassing, or bullying behavior will not be tolerated on premise and are grounds for immediate dismissal from the facility.
10. Food and/or glass containers are not allowed in the pool or locker room areas. Plastic beverage bottles may be used on the pool deck. Patrons must clean up all trash they bring into the facility.
11. Diving is prohibited in water less than 4 feet deep. Only shallow water dives are permitted into water less than 8 feet deep. While using the diving board: only front dives are allowed. No back dives, inwards, flips, or trick jumps/dives are permitted.
12. Use of starting blocks is only allowed with lifeguard’s permission.
13. Tobacco, narcotics, vapor, and alcohol products of any kind are not allowed in the facility or on facility grounds.
14. Bandages, bobby pins, or chewing gum are not to be used in the pool.
15. Visiting with or distracting lifeguards on duty is prohibited.
16. Young children and handicapped adults must be accompanied by someone able to assist them in dressing/undressing, showering, and entering/exiting the pool. For safety reasons, staff are prohibited from leaving their posts to assist with these functions.
17. Children under the age of six are permitted to use either locker room with adult supervision. Children six and older must use their gender-appropriate locker rooms. Private locker room space is available, please ask a staff member for assistance.
18. BPRD reserves the right to schedule swim lessons, swim meets, team practices, special events, and to limit swimmer and spectator capacity for health and safety reasons as needed.
19. Private swim lessons or group classes are not allowed at any time unless it is a BPRD sanctioned program. Furthermore, outside entities/groups wishing to use the facility as a group must adhere to additional policies and/or fees. More information can be obtained from the Aquatic Supervisor.
20. Use of any media devices, including but not limited to: cameras, video recorders, and cell phones are strictly prohibited in all restrooms and locker rooms. Furthermore, regarding electronic devices: safety first, please keep a constant eye on your child and do not become distracted from supervising your child.
21. BPRD is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If locks are used, they must be removed by the end of each business day or they will be cut off.
22. All injuries occurring on premise must be immediately reported to a staff member or lifeguard on duty.
23. Spectators must remain in the bleacher area. For health and sanitation reasons, street shoes may not be worn on the pool deck.

Enforcement of rules is subject to Lifeguard’s discretion. Rules are subject to change without prior written notice. Management reserves the right to eject anyone who fails to comply with these safety rules. Refunds on admission fees will not be given.