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News: Financial Aid Resources

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Financial Aid Resources

Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services Scholarship Program

Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services’ Scholarship Fund has been established to aid children receive the social, emotional and recreational programming they need to thrive. Funds are available to children who struggle to cope with neurological, mental health or cognitive challenges, physical disabilities, severe family distress, trauma, complicated grief and loss issues, as well as for families that require financial support.

Scholarships shall go towards a program of the child’s choice that will enhance their positive social and emotional development and physical well-being. Types of programs may range from music lessons, to swim classes, basketball clinics, self-defense training, performing arts programs, Boys and Girls club membership, or to a summer camp. Scholarship funds may also cover costs of supplies needed to participate in a program, such as, a scout uniform, art supplies, or special equipment for a sporting activity.

Eligibility Factors:
  1. Financial hardship based on the families current income, and
  2. A commitment from the family to work toward resolving difficulties and nurturing the healthy development of the child.
  3. The program or services for which funds are being requested will assist the child in developing their skills as part of an overall service plan.
Awards may range from $10.00 to $150.00 per child per year. Awards will be paid directly to the vendor. The referring agent must receive permission from the parent for Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services to contact the vendor to make arrangements and obtain an invoice with documentation of attendance.

For more information please contact:
Stephen M. Bynum, Youth and Community Services Supervisor
Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services
51 High Street Bristol, CT 06010
Tel: (860) 314-4690 / Fax: (860) 314-4689

2023 Scholarship Request Form


The Kids of Summer Foundation: 

The Kids of Summer Foundation provides opportunities and access for young people to participate in all sorts of recreational activities. The Kids of Summer Foundation forges relationships with local camps to provide full or partial funding for children’s families that may need it. Summer camperships are the core of the organization. Campership awards are not solely based on income and are not guaranteed. Awards may not cover all selected sessions. You can select as many sessions as you’d like. Awards will be paid directly to the vendor. 

For more information:

2023 Camp Application