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News: Low Mow Pilot Program

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4/3/2023 12:00:00 AM   

Low Mow Pilot Program
Bristol, CT – [April 3, 2023] The Board of Park Commissioners in conjunction with the Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth and Community Services Department (BPRYCS) will be piloting the national ‘Low Mow” campaign at Page Park this season. Adopted by municipalities and campuses including New Milford, CT, Greenbay, WI, and Iowa State University, the Low Mow program reduces the amount of times a section of land is mowed a year in order to encourage native habitat restoration. Ecological benefits of the Low Mow program include enhanced habitat for native species of plants and animals, improved hydrology, and the reduction of carbon emissions linked to mowing.

“A number of municipalities have had success with implementing Low Mow programs in areas of passive recreation,” explained Robert Fiorito, Vice-Chair of the Board of Park Commissioners, “Not only does the program have a number of ecological benefits, but it also creates cost savings and efficiencies for BPRYCS, allowing the department to focus on more active recreational areas.”

The designated 3.6 acres will be mowed once a year in late fall to help distribute seed and allow for winter recreation opportunities. Throughout the growing season, borders and trails will continued to be mowed in order to encourage park visitors to interact with the restored habitat. Educational signage will also be installed near the Low Mow areas in order to help inform the public on this initiative.

“Our department will be measuring the impact of this pilot program over the course of this year,” said Sarah Larson, Deputy Superintendent of BPRYCS, “If the program is successful, we hope to expand the program next year to other parks and by partnering with the Department of Public Works.”  

Areas identified as part of the Low Mow pilot program at Page Park include the Moody Street entrance, the sledding hill adjacent to Page Pool, the Woodland Street bank, and areas of the old Orchard.

Low Mow Pilot Program