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News: Bristol Garden Club to unveil new Blue Star Memorial

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5/2/2022 12:00:00 AM  Bristol Press 

Bristol Garden Club to unveil new Blue Star Memorial
Bristol Press
Published: Tuesday, 26 April 2022 14:02

BRISTOL – The Bristol Garden Club is excited to unveil the new Blue Star Memorial on Memorial Boulevard following this year's Memorial Day Procession.

Blue Star Memorial Garden

The monument, which is sponsored by the Bristol Garden Club, will honor service men and women, past, present and future. It will be officially dedicated and unveiled following the Memorial Day procession and ceremonies at the gazebo on Memorial Boulevard. The Bristol Garden Club recommends that those who wish to attend the unveiling bring lawn chairs.
Mary Dombrowski, Blue Star Chairperson and Bristol Garden Club member, said that the establishment of Memorial Boulevard's newest monument has been a "very exciting" project for Bristol and an "interesting experience" for all involved.

"It will connect us to the network of Blue Star Memorials across the country," she said. "It will be a permanent monument to honor those who served past, present and future."
Dombrowski added that the Blue Star Memorial will be a "living memorial," which will incorporate a "beautiful" floral and garden component. There are 15 other cities and towns in Connecticut which have established similar memorials.

"Collaborative landscape design work between the Bristol Parks Department staff, especially Steven Schriver and the Bristol Garden Club, has resulted in the creation of a fitting and beautiful tribute for our military armed forces," she said. "It will celebrate the significance of the veterans' contribution to our nation, our liberty and our safety."
Dombrowski said that the idea of the Blue Star Memorials originates during the close of World War II.

"The New Jersey Garden Club sought a suitable way to honor the sacrifices of our armed forces," she said. "The project so impressed the National Garden Club that it was developed as a national program for all garden clubs to pursue in their own cities and towns. These gorgeous memorials can be seen from coast to coast across America. Bristol, Connecticut will soon become a part of this very special network."

Dombrowski explained that the "Blue Star" in the name of the Memorial comes from the service flag which hung in home windows to designate a family member was serving in the military.  
"As a result, the Blue Star became the symbol chosen for the marker, monument and highways," she said. "The Blue Star Memorial program was eventually expanded to not only include dedicated highways and byways, but also National Cemeteries, Veterans Administration Centers and appropriate civic locations such as our Memorial Boulevard."

In addition, Dombrowski said, the white dogwood was chosen as the living symbol in these living memorial gardens.

"This patriotic and stately monument is further testament to the high regard our City of Bristol places on the ongoing sacrifices, dedication and nobility of our armed forces," she said. Please join us on May 30 for this dedication ceremony."

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