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Hip-Hop Saved Us

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Program Description
Hip-Hop saved us is a 10 week high school enrichment group designed for participants who are eager to delve into the vibrant and influential world of Hip-Hop culture. Over the course of the 10 weeks, participants will explore the profound impact of Hip-Hop on culture, social, mental health and behavioral aspects.
This group will provide a comprehensive exploration of Hip-Hop, encompassing its cultural, social, mental and behavioral dimensions. This approach allows participants to develop a well-rounded understanding of the multifaceted impact of Hip-Hip.Through interactive discussions, creative activities, and meaningful engagement, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the positive influences and transformative power of Hip-Hop.

About the Instructors:
This group will be facilitated by Qu-Ran Webb, MSW, independent contractor with Bristol Youth Services.

Program Benefits:
- Foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Hip-Hop Culture as a significant and influential artistic movement with roots in African American and Latinx communities.
- Encourage participants to embrace and celebrate the diversity of Hip-Hop cultural contributions.
- Increase participants' awareness of social issues highlighted by Hip-Hop, such as inequality, systemic racism and social injustice.
- Promote empathy and encourage participants to engage in conversations about these topics, promoting a more inclusive and socially conscious mindset.
- Provide participants with opportunities to explore their creativity through Hip-Hop art forms, such as music, dance, spoken word, and visual arts.
- Foster self-confidence and self expression, allowing students to find their unique voices and modes of creative communication.

For more information, please contact Bristol Youth Services at 860-314-4690.


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